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Organic Reach is Dead...

Could explain your low reach rate.

Long gone are the days when we could slap up a post of Facebook or Instagram and have it be seen by many. Facebook has an organic reach of about 2-6%, meaning most people you're connected to won't even see your post. Not because they didn't want to, but because it wasn't even shown to them!

No More "Posting and Hoping"...

Learn how to get your music in front of the right people and grow your fanbase like never before.

Amazon... Starbucks... McDonald's... FedEx... UPS... Coca-Cola... Pepsi... Wal-Mart... What do they all have in common? Well, besides being globally-recognized brands, they also spend $Millions on advertising every year.

But that's not all. They spend this money effectively; to reach the right people with their products. Think about it? Why do you not see advertisements for Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) events on SproutTV (a children's programming network)? Because the MMA promoters know that their target audience isn't likely to be watching kids' shows during the day! So, those Ads get shown on networks like ESPN...makes sense, right?

So, what does that mean for you -- the indie artist? First, it means that you SHOULD be investing in advertising your music. If these large corporations, with house-hold names, are doing it, what makes us think we shouldn't have to as unknown artists?

Secondly, it means that when we DO invest/spend on advertising, we can and should direct those dollars and Ads towards the RIGHT audience. And because the big labels have already spent the time and money building massive ponds, teeming with fish, for their big artists, we get to just roll up, cast our fishing rod right into those ponds, and catch fish from artists who are similar to us! And we don't have to spend Amazon-level money to do it! #win-win

The Proof is in the Pudding

Using detailed, targeted Ads is one of the MOST effective ways to get your music in front of the audience you want to reach. Here is an example of one video Ad of my Hip-Hop meets Motown track "Baby," that was directed at Bruno Mars/Silk Sonic fans. Check out the stats: Nearly 268,000+ views and nearly 7,000 reactions (likes, loves, etc.). Think about how many music videos, live performance videos, etc., you have out there that haven't been given the chance to fly and be seen by the audience just waiting to hear your music? It's time to give your music NEW LIFE!

Ready to Rock?

Start Growing Your Fanbase Without Being an Expert Marketer!

Grow your fanbase, without being an expert marketer.

Your fans are out there. Let us help you find them.

  • The Right Foundation

    A house without a solid foundation won't last long. That's why I want to get you set up right. In this course, you'll learn how to set up your Facebook Business Manager, Ad Account Settings and more. We're Business Minded Musicians, so we have to operate like it!

  • Your Videos, Your Music

    It's no secret -- video has an effect that pictures and text simply don't. As humans, we are drawn to things that move. So, we use visuals to promote your music, such as music, live performance and lyric videos. Don't have any of those? No problem. This course will teach you how to create videos that you can use for Ads, YouTube, socials, whatever!

  • Grow Your Fanbase

    Okay, getting hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of views on your videos is super awesome -- wouldn't you agree?! But of course I'm not going to leave it there, and you're not either. We want to create fans and revenue for you. In this course, I show you how to promote your products, create offers and more so you can start making money from your music!

You Don't Need to be on a Record Label...

But You Have the Luxury of Operating Like One!


The labels were/are instrumental in securing distribution for artists and getting their music into the stores. Well, most music stores are gone, and have been replaced by streaming sites like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and more. This is something the artist can do now through digital distribution companies like CD Baby, TuneCore and DistroKid.

Music Videos & MTV.

Let's be honest, MTV hasn't made music videos their priority in, like, forever! But that doesn't matter in the New Music Business because we have YouTube, and you can distribute your videos there any time you like. And with so many people being camera pros these days, not to mention all the video editing tools available, you can have a video for your music in no time at all.

Advertising & Promotion.

You can advertise directly on Spotify. You can advertise directly on YouTube. You can advertise directly on Facebook and Instagram. The systems and opportunities in place today are things that artists from previous generations wish they could've had access to. Could you imagine if Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson or The Beatles had Facebook & Instagram Ads? Well, guess what? You do! Having these tools available to us is one of the reasons that there's never been a better time to be an independent musician!

So what am I saying? These three items outlined above are just a few ways that you've either already been operating like a label or have the opportunity to. You don't have to be part of a label to run your music business like one. So let's take control of our music careers and grow our music and audience directly. It might require a little more work, but you'll be in the driver's seat and able to enjoy the fruit of your labor.

We Are The New Music Business.


Only Deal with Real People

You can't fake your way to REAL fans! There are a lot of people out there that will promise you millions of streams, placement on playlists, subscribers, etc. But how do you know who to trust? Well, can those streams, views, etc., be verified? The strategy taught in Fanbase Growth Accelerator shows you how to put your music in front of real people who can be communicated with. The reactions on these videos are real; somebody has to Like, Love, Comment, Share, etc., on the other end.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Getting Started

    • Go Fishing: How To Grow Your Fanbase (Part 1)

    • Track Your Follower Counts

    • Claim Your Artist Profiles

  • 2

    Module 1

    • Module 1 Overview

    • Lesson 1: Creating a Facebook Business Manager Account

    • Lesson 2: Connecting Your Facebook & Instagram Accounts

    • Lesson 3: How to Create an Ad Account

    • Lesson 4: Granting Access in Your Business Manager

  • 3

    Module 2

    • Module 2 Overview

    • Lesson 1: Creating Custom Audiences

    • Lesson 2: Creating Saved Audiences

    • Lesson 3: Creating Look-alike Audiences

  • 4

    Module 3

    • Module 3 Overview

    • Lesson 1.1: Creating Music Videos - The Who, Not the How

    • Lesson 1.2: Creating Music Videos: Basic Editing Software

    • Lesson 1.3: Creating Music Videos: Online Options

    • Lesson 2: Facebook Ads Manager Overview

    • Lesson 3: Ad Setup & Launch

  • 5

    Module 4

    • Module 4 Overview

    • Lesson 1: Reviewing Results

    • Lesson 2: How to do Direct Outreach

    • Lesson 3.1: Promoting Products on Your Website

    • Lesson 3.2: Promoting Streams & Products on Socials

    • Lesson 3.3: Creating Offers for Your Fans

  • 6

    Artist Resources

    • Learn How to Grow Your Music Business Online {Free Book}

    • Music Growth with Spotify Playlists

    • Music Growth with Apple Music Playlists

    • Music Growth with YouTube Playlists

    • How to Set Up a Virtual Tip Jar

Your Instructor

Jamaal aka Boss Eagle

Jamaal aka Boss Eagle is a Billboard-charting hip-hop artist and entrepreneur, originally from the south of Chicago and currently located in Colorado. Since beginning his career in music just a few short years ago, he's shared the stage with artists such as Grieves, DESSA, Four Fists (POS & Astronautalus) and Lyrics Born, played many venue stages and prominent festivals, has been played on radio and has had his music appear in feature films.

Starting with his debuted coming in at #5 on the Billboard Heatseekers Chart (Mountain Region), Boss Eagle has continued to grow his music with NO record label, NO manager and NO outside PR.

Songs by Boss Eagle are streamed worldwide. His music reflects on spirituality, overcoming struggles, fighting for your dreams and passion and enjoying this precious gift called life. 

Boss Eagle is more than an artist. He has spent years learning and mastering areas such as digital marketing, social media, technology, e-commerce and more. A natural-born coach and "dream cheerleader," he created Business Minded Musicians in 2019 to help other indie artists grow their music business and take control of their career -- while also being on the journey as well. Boss Eagle also recently founded Merch Tower, a merchandise & marketing agency to help brands grow and generate revenue with customized merch, born out of his own experience as an artist.

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Questions + Answers

  • Do I need to have marketing experience?

    Absolutely not! That's the beauty of this strategy -- that anyone can do it. No need to be an expert, or even novice, marketer.

  • Should artists without music videos take this course?

    Yes! I'll show you how to create videos for your music in this course. And the cool thing is you can use your new videos for social media, your website, YouTube, etc., not just for Ads.

  • Facebook Ads don't really work, do they?

    Yes...they do! I know this is something that probably a lot of us have heard -- that Facebook Ads don't work. However, in my experience as a marketer, the main reason is because people don't know how "work Facebook Ads." That's why we cover everything from Facebook Business Manager set up, Ad Account creation, and I spend an entire lesson just going over the Ads Manager. I've used Facebook/IG Ads to grow my music and you can too.

  • Is this about getting bot followers and leveraging fake accounts?

    NO! If you know anything about me, I am 100% against faking any type of growth. That only produces (worthless) vanity metrics and in many cases (like on Spotify) can get you in trouble. We want to grow a BUSINESS and CAREER as musicians. You need real people as fans to do that!

  • When will I start to see real growth?

    That's a great question. It's going to be different for everyone. I'll teach you a strategy that you can duplicate over and over, but I don't know your work ethic, how many Ads you'll run, etc. As with ANY business growth, you have to have a long-term mentality. Building our music career is a marathon, not a sprint -- no matter how many stars pop up on YouTube or TikTok from time to time. Ask Bruno Mars or Beyonce how long it took to reach their statuses!

  • Do you have a refund policy

    In short, no. The strategy taught in this course is proven and works well if you implement it properly. You also need to have quality content that is competitive in the market. Once inside the course, you get all the lessons at once. It doesn't take long to work through, setup and launch. Honestly, if it doesn’t work for you, it's probably because, a) you didn't put in the work, b.) you didn't follow the steps outlined, c.) your music isn't ready or some other misstep you might've taken. But we will try to help you as much as we can to get results.

  • What is required to take this course?

    You'll need to have an active Facebook Page (for your music) and Instagram Business Profile. You cannot have had an Ads Manager that has been previously shut down by Facebook. You will also need to have a small budget to dedicate to running Ads. At the time of this post, the types of Ads we utilize through this course can be run at a $1/day minimum. Which is insane!

  • Will this work for me?

    Honestly, I don't know. It may. It may not. You're learning strategies that work well for many artists. If that's not the case for you, it'll be because your content (music, videos, photos, socials) are not up to professional standards. That's not something we help with. What you can do is get some unbiased opinions on your music and videos, and not just from grandma or your favorite cousin who thinks the world of you. It should be from folks who will tell it to you straight. The strategies teach you how to get your music and videos in front of potential fans. Whether these people decide to follow, stream or buy from you is totally up to them -- based on whether they like your music or not. If they don't like your stuff, they won't jump into your pond. If they do like it, they'll swim blissfully. As artists, we MUST remember that OUR MUSIC IS NOT FOR EVERYONE. No matter how "universal" we think it is. As with any marketing, there is trial and error, testing different things, adjusting and calling audibles. The key is to not give up!

  • How many songs should I have released before signing up?

    One (at least). Seriously! As long as you have something to share, there's something for potential fans to hear. In a world of 7 billion people, only a very tiny fraction actually know you exist! LOL Doesn't matter if you have a song released four years ago, or an EP that dropped last month, your music will always be new to someone.

What if I have more questions?


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